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Before and After Gallery

Surgical Treatment:

Adult patient with increased overjet, overbite and anterior crowding. We treated with braces and surgical advancement of the lower jaw. The total treatment time was 1 year.

Crowded Extraction:

Adult patient with crowding, minimal overbite and overjet, and was congenitally missing the upper second premolars. We treated with braces and we extracted the lower second premolars. The total treatment time was 24 months.

Crowded Impacted Canine:

Teenage patient with a retained baby canine and 2 impacted maxillary canines. We treated with braces, and the extraction of all first premolars. The total treatment time was 22 months.


Teenage patient with crowded teeth, increased overbite, and increased overjet. We treated with braces for 18 months, and no extractions were necessary.

Deep Bite:

Patient presented in the mixed dentition (some baby teeth still present) with 100% overbite (lower teeth hitting the roof of the mouth), increased overjet, and crowding. We treated with Twin Blocks (worn for 1 year) followed by 1 year of braces.

Open Bite:

Adult patient with an openbite malocclusion, and with posterior crossbite (upper jaw too narrow). We treated using braces and upper jaw surgery. No extractions were required and total treatment time was 18 months.