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For Children and Adults

Orthodontics for Children

It is recommended for the orthodontist to see your child by age 7 to determine if and when the best time for orthodontic treatment would be. The first permanent molars and incisors have usually erupted by that time allowing the orthodontist to evaluate skeletal and bite relationships as well as present and future crowding. When treatment is begun early, the orthodontist has the opportunity to guide the growth of the jaw and incoming permanent teeth. Early treatment can simplify later treatment. Early treatment can regulate the width of the upper and lower dental arches, gain space for permanent teeth, avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions, reduce likelihood of impacted permanent teeth, correct thumb-sucking, and eliminate abnormal swallowing or speech problems.

Orthodontics for Adults

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. One of every four patients in orthodontic treatment is over 21, and that number is increasing. We offer a wide selection of braces to meet the individual needs and desires of each of our adult patients. From traditional metal braces and ceramic braces to clear aligners and lingual braces, we are confident we can help you achieve and maintain the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always dreamed about.

Because adults are no longer growing; extractions and/or Jaw surgery are more often required during orthodontic treatment. Adults are more likely to have experienced some breakdown or loss of their teeth and bone support, and may require periodontal treatment before, during, and/or after orthodontic treatment. Bone loss can also limit the amount and direction of tooth movement that is advisable.

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